Looking for Toy Report 2015? A message from the CTTC

Every year, parents have looked to the Canadian Toy Testing Council (CTTC) and the TOY REPORT for guidance on the best toys and books for children. As a volunteer-based, non-profit organization we have proudly shared the results of our testing, for free, to help families make good choices in a crowded marketplace.

Like many other non-profit groups, however, we have faced growing financial pressure over the past few years. Given these funding challenges, we were unable to run a toy or book testing program in 2014. As a result, there is no Toy Report 2015 to present to you this year.

As we search for stable funding, please consider supporting to the CTTC by donating through our website (www.toy-testing.org) so that we can continue to encourage excellence in the design of children’s toys, games, and books, in a manner that is sensitive to children’s needs. And to help you during this holiday season, check out our tips on selecting a toy for your child (CTTC Toy Tips). Thank you for your continued support.

The Board of Directors
Canadian Toy Testing Council

For media inquiries: Marc Favreau, communication.cttc@gmail.com
For partnership/donation inquiries: Linda McGreevy, lmcgreevy@sympatico.ca