Tranquil Turtle (BGA50) (7423-AQ)

Manufacturer: Cloud b
Battery Requirements: 3-AA

CTTC Category: Listening, Playing & Viewing
CTTC Recommended Age: 0 mos +
CTTC Rating: ★★★ Best Bet
Year Reported: 2014

This peaceful blue turtle will help to lull your baby to sleep. His durable, clear aquamarine shell can project a blue wave pattern onto the ceiling of a darkened room, and he’ll make soothing sounds (music or waves) for bedtime. Our testing babies enjoyed the relaxing sounds and oscillating lights. Older tots engaged with the turtle as a plush toy and enjoyed being able to operate the turtle’s functions, since buttons on the turtle’s back and belly make it easy to control the sounds, lights and volume. Parents liked that the toy is safe for all ages and engaging over a long period. Requires 3 AA batteries.