Toy Report 2014 – Toys by category, from 9+

A description of the categories will be coming soon.
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Arts & Crafts

Threadz Make a Beanie Kit (TZ002)
9 +

This combination of weaving and knitting allows children to make their own hats. Our testers were attracted to the project and liked the bright yarn colours (purple, pink, orange and red). They were also happy with the product they made. The kit comes with a well-made plastic loom, needle, hook, yarn and instructions. While our testers were attracted to this craft, most found it too difficult to do independently. The younger ones (ages 8 and under) experienced frustration and required constant adult help. Families also felt that better yarn quality would have yielded better results and less frustration.

★★★ Best Bet
PicWits (MW56002)
9 +

Match pictures to witty captions in this humourous game. The game comes with more than 500 weird and unusual pictures that our testers found quite funny. There are also 144 caption cards. During play, players try to match one of the 8 picture cards in their hands with a caption. The player whose turn it is to be the judge determines who has the best fit and is thus the winner of the round. Testing families liked how play inspired creative thinking. Best played with a big group, games for 4+ players take over 10 minutes to play, depending on the speed of picture selection.

★★★ Best Bet
Scheming and Skulking (3056)
Grandpa Beck Games
9 +

Aargh! If ye be a schemer, matey, this be yer game. A trick-taking pursuit played with an attractive deck of pirate-themed cards, this game challenges players to bid the exact number of tricks they will take in a round. Bidding is simultaneous and precedes each round, which adds to the challenging dynamics of the game. Our testers enjoyed the pirate theme and strategic play, and there were reports of lots of shared laughter during family game nights. Games for 2–6 players take 30 minutes.