Automated Game Testing Tools and Benefits

Before we look at the best game testing tools we thought we'd discuss the benefits of using them. It is becoming an increasingly popular way of testing all kinds of products and games are no different. So why is this becoming such a popular trend in the world of game testing?

The benefits of automated games testing tools

  • Time – saving time is one of the biggest benefits of using automated tools. The savings in time translate to quicker delivery times for the product.
  • Quality – automated testing allows for the cross-checking of test results with the manual procedures.
  • Bug detection – automated testing tools are much more efficient at finding bugs and so save a lot of time and effort.
  • Round the clock – automated tools can be run 24 hours a day, with no downtime the tests can be run at all times of the day or night.
  • Distribution – tests can be performed on more than one computer, across a network or server, all at the same time. There is also no need for more than one tool.
  • Reporting – automated tools are extremely efficient at reporting on the number of tests that have been performed, when they are scheduled, the bugs that were reports and how and whether they have been fixed.
  • Versatility – testing can be performed on various browsers and many different devices.
  • Coverage - manual testing can be very difficult and time consuming when there are thousands of lines of code. An automated tool makes easy work of such testing.
  • Manpower – an automated tool considerably cuts the manpower required to perform the testing, which means the people can be used for other things.
  • Motivation – this relates to the reduction in manpower because it means the testing team can be learning about new challenges, skills and bugs.
  • Flexibility – automated tools have been developed by experts and so will be far more flexible and able to be used for much longer testing times.
  • Accuracy – with the human factor removed there are bound to be fewer mistakes. Results are guaranteed to be accurate as well as to save time.
  • Fewer failures – certain tests cannot be performed manually and this is where automation shines. For example, stress testing.
  • ROI – with automated testing tools results will be much quicker, easier, more efficient and more accurate. Allowing the product to be delivered much quicker.

Top automated game testing tools

  • API Testing Tools – for verifying the quality of the software components used.
  • Bug Tracking Tools – this tool will be able to store and maintain software bugs and track the defects found.
  • Compatibility Testing Tools – for testing across a variety of hardware platforms, networks, browsers and operating systems.
  • Database Testing Tools – for checking how data is verified, queries are executed and for creating test cases and tasks. This type of tool will be able to identify database errors and fix them.
  • Design Testing Tools – for checking how CSS and HTML elements are displayed as well as to verify layouts and designs of the web software using a variety of different screens.
  • Link and HTML Testing Tools – for checking for broken links and HTML errors as well as for monitoring, verifying and managing web-based applications.
  • Mobile Testing Tools – for verifying the quality of products designed for mobile devices and uncovering defects.
  • Performance Testing Tools – for performance, load and stress measuring,
  • Security Testing Tools – for testing whether a product is secure and analysing the risk of being hacked or broken in to, as well as checking for password weaknesses.
  • Test Automation and Management Tools – for running the tests and creating and comparing results as well as managing testing activities.

This is a selection of tools that are available for automated games testing procedures. It is by no means the comprehensive list as there are new ones being added on a regular basis. It does, however, give you an indication of what is currently available to make the testing of a product more efficient.